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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Nahal Variety Ensemble Group- S/T (Israel)

The Nahal Variety Ensemble Group- S/T (Israel)

From my own collection

This album is by the Variety Ensemble of the Nahal (Fighting Pioneering Youth). It's in a folk/jazzy style. Features vocals by Sassi Keshet, Shalom Chanoch (From the rock group the Three'ngers, who would later go on to form the Churchills with Arik Einstein), & Shula Chen (Ye-ye/pop singer from late 60's)  Enjoy!

Side 1:

Side 2:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Funk in Soviet Commercial

Funk instrumental in soviet commercial for radio Eagle 404 (Sokol 404). 1980.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Raamatukoi Grammofon in Tallinn, Estonia

 Just a few pics I took of the record shop "Raamatukoi Grammofon" in Tallinn, Estonia. In 1st pic you see cozy interior of the store, with crates of vinyl records, comfy couches, and interesting items displayed on shelves.
In the 2nd pic you might recognize some albums: An album by Estonian ensemble "Fix", an album by inSpe- an Estonia progressive rock group, an album by Tonu Naissoo Trio (Tonu Naissoo is son of Uno Naissoo), an album by Estonian singers Marju Kuut & Uno Loop, an Estonian song festival album from 1979, among other albums. Last pic is of Melodiya Ensemble's album "Labyrinth". Here is a link to the store's blog: http://raamatukoigrammofon.blogspot.com/

Sofia Rotaru- C62-06721-2 (Russia)


Sofia Rotaru- C62-06721-2 (Russia)

From my own collection

An EP from 1974 containing some songs from Sofia Rotaru's 1974 album. The tracks here are Verni Mne Musiku (Return the Music), Gusi Gusi (Geese Geese), and the very beautiful Lebidinaya Vernost' (Swan Fidelity). Backed by the Melodiya Ensemble w/ Georgiy Garanyan.

This is the 1st pressing cover from the Tbilisi Record Plant:


Verni Mne Muziku:


Gusi Gusi:

Lebidinaya Vernost':